Set Rising, some sneak peek teasers of the upcoming OST

Set Rising is a new Egyptian adventure campaign from Savage Mojo.

(Originally posted 8th June 2013)

Dust off your dumbeks and polish your ankhs, there’s some Egyptian adventure sounds heading your way!

Set Rising is the upcoming trad-RPG adventure from publishers Savage Mojo and with it comes a 12 track album that answers the question: what would happen if atmospheric electronica and a full size orchestra combined with traditional African and Middle Eastern instruments? Featuring Darabuka, Dumbek, Riq, Santoor, Oud, Duduk, Zourna…the list of lively ethnic instruments goes on.

Have a sneak peak (and it really is a microcosm of the final product) at the following links that showcase the light and dark sides of the Set Rising world

EDIT: These teasers are no longer available – instead, listen to the whole album here!

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