“Music of the slowest, smallest, perhaps even trifling, but at the same time very beautiful moments of our lives.” – Right Chord Music

“With instrumentals, it’s extremely challenging because it has to tell a story in order to keep us interested, but that’s exactly what Neverbody do.” – Lost In The Nordics

Neverbody are an instrumental trio that deftly combine a cocktail of prog, post-rock & film score influences into a beguiling and atmospheric whole, with musicianship that never gets in the way of strong melodies. Despite lacking vocals, Neverbody are nonetheless profoundly lyrical and guitarist & composer Alex Cottrell – alongside drummer Gareth Dawson & bassist Luke Geraghty – plays in a personal and ambitious compositional style that, with motivic impulse, echoes sounds old and new – from Allan Holdsworth to Explosions In The Sky.


First Light (2022) – single – released Oct 31st 2022, production by Alex Cottrell

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Neverbody EP Reissue (2022) – EP – released Oct 21st 2022, engineering & mixing by Alex Cottrell, mastering by Stephen Cole at WhatStudio, Liverpool

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Live at Fresh Goods (2020) – EP – released Jan 20th 2020, engineering by Matthew Freeman, mixing & mastering by Alex Cottrell

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