Patterna now available on Steam

Huge congratulations are due to developer Sebastian Schoener as his game finally lands on Steam, featuring music from yours truly. At the time of writing it’s on sale for about £4 so I urge you to pick it up and support all his hard work. Find it by visiting the store page or searching for Patterna on the Steam client.

Also, yes it has been a while since I’ve written here. The whole site will be getting an update soon – all will be explained then!

Patterna now available on Steam

Farewell from the other side of the world

First message from Nick

This was the first message I received from Nick on the Eastern Front forums back in 2011. I was in the process of writing the music for Company of Heroes: Eastern Front and had been posting various pieces to give the community an impression of the soundtrack prior to completion. And then, having not asked for any donations at all, I got this from a complete stranger. I was very grateful for his support, but never would have expected the generosity that followed from just one fan from Australia.

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Puzzles in space – on creating the Patterna soundtrack

A short while ago I teamed up with programmer Sebastian Schoener to create some music and sound for his new game Patterna, and with its release last week, I wanted to document some of the thoughts and processes that went into creating it.


Sebastian and I first met when we were both working on the popular Company of Heroes community project Eastern Front, back in 2012. After finishing our respective contributions, we remained friends on Steam and it was through here that he got in touch about Patterna. He was building a puzzle game in Unity inspired by HexCells and wanted an ambient/minimal soundtrack to go with it. The build that I played at the time was a fair bit simpler than the upcoming release, visually in particular, but it was still an intriguing concept that contained depth and a desire to eliminate guessing. The nodes and their visual information were part of a system that was fun to learn and was presented in ‘levels’ that could be procedurally generated for never ending play, and at a difficulty and format customisable by the player. ‘Count me in!’ I said.

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Working on a new game score

Started working with programmer Sebastian Schoener to create music and sound for his upcoming logic puzzle game ‘Patterna’. Here’s a peek at the cerebral sounds incoming!

Sebastian and I met whilst we were both part of the Company of Heroes: Eastern Front team and it’s great to be working together again. Keep an eye out for the final release if you enjoy games like this – he’s making something impressive.


Set Rising released!

Get ready for a sweeping adventure across the sands of time with Set Rising.

(Originally posted on 2nd July 2013)

In my third album for RPG masterminds Savage Mojo we travel to Darren Pearce’s golden sands of cyber-pyramids and harsh industrial landscapes where the gods are getting angry (as they tend to).

The Set Rising album is 40 minutes of electro-Egyptian beats, along with a full orchestra, designed to conjure up the imagery of the game world.

You can stream the whole album for free and, if you enjoyed that, download the album from the Savage Mojo website.

Set Rising, some sneak peek teasers of the upcoming OST

Set Rising is a new Egyptian adventure campaign from Savage Mojo.

(Originally posted 8th June 2013)

Dust off your dumbeks and polish your ankhs, there’s some Egyptian adventure sounds heading your way!

Set Rising is the upcoming trad-RPG adventure from publishers Savage Mojo and with it comes a 12 track album that answers the question: what would happen if atmospheric electronica and a full size orchestra combined with traditional African and Middle Eastern instruments? Featuring Darabuka, Dumbek, Riq, Santoor, Oud, Duduk, Zourna…the list of lively ethnic instruments goes on.

Have a sneak peak (and it really is a microcosm of the final product) at the following links that showcase the light and dark sides of the Set Rising world

EDIT: These teasers are no longer available – instead, listen to the whole album here!

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Dishonored Trailer with redone SFX + music

(Originally posted on 13th May 2013)

During the final year of study for my Music degree, I redid the sound effects and music for the Dishonored trailer. I muted the original (cutting off the intro in the jail for brevity) and tried to manipulate the audio so as to create a sinister sounding interpretation of the visuals.