Turn Northward – an experiment in interactive music composition

I’ve uploaded a couple of new tunes to my Soundcloud, including this one:

I’ve been collaborating with Canadian composer and sound designer Andrew McDermid to experiment with an interactive music showcase, using gameplay from Bethesda’s hit RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. What you’ll hear in the Soundcloud player is a ‘full’ version of a piece made up of 7 sections that can be played in pretty much any order (with the exception of section 1 which is a designated ‘opener’) and allows for a randomised playlist, meaning that the piece will likely never be heard in-game the same way twice!

Skyrim’s original score by Jeremy Soule is a real favourite of mine, but what it has in compositional class, it lacks somewhat in interactivity. This little project piece was put together to test an idea: can we have high quality, orchestral tracks that normally adopt linear scoring styles that also fit the requirements of an increasingly more demanding and dynamic landscape in game audio? At some point in the future, we’re hoping to have a final video to showcase our work on this interactive audio experiment – watch this space!

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