Site update


The new site is now live, with a general emphasis on simplification compared to the old one and a new site-wide player that has some examples of my previous work. Please contact me if something seems broken!

I have been somewhat away from doing soundtracks this year as my time has been mostly spent getting my new band Neverbody up and running, tutoring, and doing work on the house. Nonetheless, I’m still currently working with Liverpool filmmaker Ryan Garry on his upcoming fantasy/action film and game designer/programmer Sebastian Schöner has a new data-oriented puzzle game in the pipeline featuring some more music from yours truly. My last post was regarding trip-hop group Venusian, with whom I decided to part ways, but they are still very much active so be sure to have a listen to their first full length album on Bandcamp! Things are beginning to settle now, so look out for more updates from me soon.

Until next time…

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