Glossom recording at Elevator Studios with Edwin Louis

I play the guitar in a 5 piece band called Glossom that recently went to Elevator Studios to record a live session on film. It was the second of two fairly long days over the weekend, but I found myself awake and feeling it was time to leave at 2:30am. We crammed into our sax player’s car with our gear and went with filmmaker Edwin Louis into the heart of Liverpool’s fairly modest financial district, and here we met cameraman Calum – a student I hired through Facebook – and Daz the engineer.


The studio was a great space. 4 floors in a converted warehouse with an expansive live room in the middle and a control room  right in the loft. Edwin and Calum did a brilliant with it too, rigging up the whole live room with the lighting they needed by appropriating every table lamp and fairy light we could scavenge. Daz really took care of the sound and was very patient during the camera changeovers too.

The music itself is a mixture of brand new and yet unrecorded material we still play, all instrumental and all performed live. This was a test of our skill as a band and I think we’ve all come away from it with a better understanding of our own playing. It was a hell of a lot of fun too, nothing got us down all day that I can remember. Which was nice because if Glossom were an animal it would be a capricious one. Maybe a cat.

Was a real pleasure to work with everyone involved and I’m really excited to get to the final result. Sneak peak below!


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