Video Jam – Manchester Jewish Museum – 12th November

This November, I will be performing an audio-visual piece live in collaboration with Video Jam – a community that looks to bring film-makers and local musicians together in unique settings. The performance will be at the Manchester Jewish Museum on the 12th of November and will focus around the themes of faith, worship and ritual.

Video Jam is a night of short films and live music experimentation

The film I will be writing for is Brébeuf by Canadian filmmaker and preservationist Stephen Broomer. It’s a study of St. Ignace II, in Huronia, where the ethnographers and Jesuit missionaries, later saints, Jean de Brébeuf and Gabriel Lalemant, were killed in 1649. According to the creator’s description: “The images in this film arise from a reading of that story – the joining of the sumac and the cross, the blessing gestures, struggles in the field, elliptical scans of stones, and the shimmering of water to summon a glimpse of the flesh boiled from the skin, in fables of the killing.”

I will say more about the piece itself soon, but for now I will leave you with the event on Facebook, and a link to buy tickets now if you find yourself in Manchester and up for a night of experimental film and live music.


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