BBC Radio 3 feature, Goblin Market coda and new projects

This will be my first piece on a BBC broadcast.

(Originally posted 7th September 2013)

A couple of bits of exciting news from the past month or so, and some others concerned with what’s coming next.

First off, the piece ‘Transitions’, written by myself and Sarah Peverley for harp and piano, is going to be featured on BBC Radio 3’s Words and Music programme on the 29th September. This is my first foray into major public radio so I’m very excited to get national airplay.

Secondly – The Reader Organisation, who were the recipients of 50% of the proceeds from the Goblin Market soundtrack, got in contact with me and ran an article about the music from the LUDS production that delved into the creative processes that brought it to life. Check it out on The Reader Online’s Blog.

On top of that I’ve been doing some more work for Savage Mojo and elsewhere another video game soundtrack is in the works. The big personal project I mentioned a while back is still making progress and coming along very nicely, but I’m still not ready to say more than that just yet.

To finish, I’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone I’ve worked with and those of you who have bought, listened to or otherwise supported my music over the past couple of months. My new project studio is now complete and it’s been a big transition period for me since finishing university, so thanks again for everyone who has helped me along the way.

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