‘Loose Ends’ – Solo guitar piece

I’ve been doing a fair bit of writing recently, but not much in the way of uploading. Unless it’s for  a commission or particular project, I tend to create a few pieces – either on the guitar, just on the computer, or mixing live and virtual instruments – and let them stew for some time to see if I think they’re worth sharing a bit further down the line. Whilst it can be satisfying (or horrifying) to return to something later on, sounding different to fresh ears, it has the effect of making my output seem wanting. In an attempt to break the habit, I recorded myself playing this solo guitar piece I wrote today.

With the recent sad loss of guitar magician Allan Holdsworth, I have been listening to a lot of his work (as well as his solo/trio catalogue I heartily recommend his releases with Soft Machine and U.K.) and trying out some of the more testing chord voicings that he so famously favoured and, listening back to this piece, it’s clearly worked its way into my writing here. As a nod to the music often left unfinished or unheard, I give you ‘Loose Ends’.

Brébeuf – hear my score with the film

I have finally got round to recording my film score for Stephen Broomer’s ‘Brébeuf’ which was commissioned by Video Jam and performed at Manchester Jewish Museum on the 12th November 2015. If you missed the performance, then now is your chance to hear what it sounded like – enjoy! You can read more about my score here and here.

A message from Montreal – Antarctic Art and Music

Quite a while back now, I wrote a piece for moving image as part of my portfolio I was creating at university. It was a ‘wide-eyed’ and adventurous orchestral arrangement, accompanying some footage of Antarctica (the source of which I have never been able to find.) It’s proven a fairly agreeable piece of music amongst those I’ve shared it with – here it is if you haven’t seen it before…

Then, at the end of last year, I was contacted by a nice chap called Valmar Kurol who curates a gallery of Antarctic Art and Music at the Montreal Antarctic Society, Canada. He asked me about the piece, its inspiration and the like, and said he would like to add it to the music discography of his collection. I thought this was a very nice gesture and wanted to draw your attention to this fine body of Antarctic themed work that Kurol has collected – available to view online here: http://www.antarcticart.net/

The music page alone carries what appears to be hundreds of entries, covering symphonic works, choral music and popular song, all inspired by the frozen landscape at the southern pole of our planet. There’s separate collections for film, books and fine art too. Kurol also collaborates with arranger and synth-player Marc-André Bourbonnais on a frosty musical project of their own – ‘Antarctic Arrival‘.

Kurol says that he has been compiling these works for the past 20 years and is motivated by an increase in Antarctic themed music and the fact that ‘[there] are very few themed discs devoted entirely to Antarctica‘. He also muses on what an Antarctic ‘sound’ might be, musically speaking, and says that it ‘includes the beautiful, inspirational, comical, harsh and discordant to the outright boring‘.

What a wonderfully curious collection of art and music! I’m very flattered to be included.

Tablet of Destiny Kickstarter – my first feature length film

(Originally posted 17th May 2014)


I’m working with director David Wilks on ‘Tablet of Destiny’ a new scifi chase film about an ancient, globe-trotting conspiracy – the Black Knight Satellite.

It’s my first chance to work on the soundtrack for a feature length film, so I’m really hoping this kicks off! It’s literally just started so please consider pledging and supporting us – thanks.

The Music of The Canterbury Tales – mini documentary

The Liverpool University Players worked with videographer and editor Sarah Pollitt to create this film about how we created the music for their production of The Canterbury Tales. Featuring interviews with myself and producer/harpist Sarah Peverley, we discuss authenticity, collaboration and realisation in this short documentary.


Learn more about the production in this online version of the show’s programme.

Dishonored Trailer with redone SFX + music

(Originally posted on 13th May 2013)

During the final year of study for my Music degree, I redid the sound effects and music for the Dishonored trailer. I muted the original (cutting off the intro in the jail for brevity) and tried to manipulate the audio so as to create a sinister sounding interpretation of the visuals.