Video Jam

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In 2015 Video Jam commissioned Alex to compose a score for Stephen Broomer’s ‘Brébeuf’ – an abstract collage film – and perform it live at Manchester Jewish Museum on the 12th November that year. The music was written for solo psaltery combined with digital effects and a loop station, and looked to combine themes of spirituality and faith with the images of a historic religious site. According to the creator’s description: “The images in this film arise from a reading of that story – the joining of the sumac and the cross, the blessing gestures, struggles in the field, elliptical scans of stones, and the shimmering of water to summon a glimpse of the flesh boiled from the skin, in fables of the killing.”

The music was performed live to a projection of the film in front of a sell-out audience, and was later uploaded as a combined video with the new score for all to see.

On 18th February 2016, Brébeuf was performed again – this time at Bury Art Museum, as part of Video Jam’s showcase of their favourite performances over the organisation’s history.

Visit the Video Jam website

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