The Little Mermaid

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A live storytelling originally commissioned for Being Human 2016 – the UK national festival of the humanities – with the theme of hope and fear. Rather than retreading the same ground as the Disney version, writer and performer Madelaine Smart and producer Sarah Peverley stuck closer to the Dane’s original story, with the little mermaid (named Auria in this telling) failing to win the heart of the prince she saves from the shipwreck, instead being given a second chance at adventure by transforming into a luminous and ethereal spirit due to her selflessness. The performances included some audience interaction with props to compliment Madelaine’s expressive style and was debuted at the Being Human Launch at Senate House in London on 17th November, with the main performances taking place at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool the following Saturday.

The show’s primary audience was younger children, so was later adapted into an audiobook, released in time for Christmas on 21st December 2016.

Mermaid cover art by Camille Grimshaw.

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