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Patterna is an abstract 2D puzzle game for Windows/Mac/Linux and Android inspired by HexCells. From the developer Sebastian Schoener: “Each level of the game consists of a network of nodes (a graph). It is your job to figure out which of these nodes are part of the pattern and which are not. To help you achieve this goal, each node may carry information that uses reachability, distance, or color to constrain which nodes are pattern nodes. Correctly classifying a node may reveal new information which in turn will help to solve the puzzle.”

Alex was commissioned to create a studious, minimal soundtrack that would work in harmony with the game’s progression. The result is sound inspired by composers such as John Adams and Steve Reich, mixed with the post-rock stylings of artists like Mogwai, with additional interactive tones that match the backing in a rising scale as the player chains correct nodes together.

Read more about its development in ‘Puzzles in space – on creating the Patterna soundtrack’ from the blog.

Find Patterna on Steam

Visit the Official Site for Patterna

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