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Composition Credits
Video Games
  • Adash: City of Magic (PC), !LK Gaming, 2007
  • Company of Heroes: Eastern Front (PC), Archaic Entertainment, credited as composer and sound designer, 2012
  • Ninja Party (PC / iOS), The Mana Factory, 2013
  • Laser Razor (PC/Windows Phone), Walkisoft, music & SFX, 2016
  • Patterna (PC/Android), Sebastian Schoener, music & SFX, 2016
  • Where Will It All Stop?, student short film, Bath Spa University, 2011
  • Acceptance, student short film, Bath Spa University, 2011
  • Independent Bookshops of Bath, documentary, Bath Spa University2013
  • Tablet of Destiny, dir. David Wilks, film trailer & sound design, David Wilks Films, 2014
  • Brébeuf, dir. Stephen Broomer, short film with live score commissioned by Video Jam and performed live at Manchester Jewish Museum 12th Nov 2015
  • Wildcards, dir. Ryan Garry, short film/promo, 2017
Radio & Podcast
  • Words and Music (Mermaids), BBC Radio 3, featured ‘Transitions’ under a reading by actor Toby Stephens (first broadcast 29 Sep 2013)
  • Caught on The Wire, podcast, production & editing, co-hosted with Toby Huntingford, 2014 – official site
  • Bisclavret: The Werewolf, an audio-only adaptation by The Liverpool Players, credited as composer, editor and minor speaking role (first broadcast 30 Nov 2015)
  • Battle Rap Resume, podcast hosted by Tom Kwei, title theme by Alex Cottrell, 2016
  • Alphabetallica, podcast hosted by Tom Kwei, title theme by Alex Cottrell, 2017
Tabletop Games
  • Brainpowered Beach Party, 11-track companion album to ‘Suzerain’ RPG System product, published by Savage Mojo, 2012
  • Dungeonlands, 12-track companion album to ‘Suzerain’ RPG System product, published by Savage Mojo, 2012
  • Set Rising, 12-track companion album to ‘Suzerain’ RPG System product, published by Savage Mojo, 2013
  • Fresh Minds, composition for a promotional video for UK charity Fresh Team, 2011
  • The Six’, original composition to promote launch of project codename ‘Illythification‘, published by Savage Mojo, 2013

Production Credits

  • Glossom EP, Glossom, recording, mixing and mastering, independent release 11th Nov 2013, reissued on 14th Dec 2015
  • Behind The Light, album, Agita Cor, credited as mixing engineer, independent release 1st Dec 2013
  • Betrayed, single, Daryl Wafer, producer, independent release 22nd April 2014
  • Sincerity, album, Ghostchant, recording engineer – horns, released 1st Dec 2015 on BBE Records
  • The Simple Things, Christophe Serra, arrangements and mixing, independent release 21st Jan 2018




“Working with Alex is a delight: He really puts effort into
understanding your product and crafting the perfect soundscape for it.”

Sebastian Schoener – Programmer – Patterna

 “Alex’s dedication was flawless. His attention to detail, commitment and professional attitude were unsurpassed. Alex was patient and considerate with explanations and never failed to deliver the exact mood I was searching for…I hope to work with him again in the future!”

Zoe Wiles – Director – L.U.D.S

“We’ve worked with Alex on multiple projects and each collaboration has three things in common: Alex’s professionalism, friendliness, and talent. The results are outstanding and he’s been wonderful at communicating, hitting deadlines and really getting to the heart of what we’ve been after.”

Miles M. Kantir – Lead Developer & Publisher – Savage Mojo

“Alex was understanding and double checked that we were ‘on the same page’. Throughout the process he kept me up to date…from a vague idea and a 15 minute conversation came this amazing sound! I have planned some new projects for next year and I will not look anywhere else for a composer.”

Shane Silvanus – Creator and co-host – TwoBritishBuffoons channel

“Creative, inspiring, and technically gifted, Alex is a huge talent and a genuinely lovely person to work with. He has brought so many fantastic ideas to the projects, and delivered the most beautiful and spine tingling music. I love his ability to improvise and work within a budget.”

Sarah Peverley – Producer – The Liverpool Players

“His skills were evident, but not only that, he is a responsible guy. I have to admit we doubted him when he tried to apply into our team, however he proved our disbelief wrong with hard work and perseverance. He amazed us and our community.”

Enrique Echeagaray – Community Manager – Archaic Entertainment

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