– Creating music for media and original compositions –
– Providing production services to artists & bands –
– Performing live and offering private guitar tuition –

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Born in Hampshire, England, Alex began to explore the possibilities of musical expression from the age of 10, picking up the guitar as a schoolboy and later spending weekends as a teenager working to buy the equipment to set up his own recording and composition space. Throughout further education Alex involved himself as a performer in his sixth form college studio and pit band, and eventually moved north-west to Liverpool where he achieved a first-class degree in music. In this time his work appeared on BBC Radio (Words and Music), as the soundtrack to multiple indie games (Company of Heroes: Eastern Front, Ninja Party), and was performed live at the largest arts festival in the world – The Edinburgh Fringe (Goblin Market).

After graduating, Alex worked with period theatre troupe The Liverpool Players to bring music to their live performances at Being Human – the UK’s national festival of the humanities; with game designer Sebastian Schoener on his unique style of logic puzzle games, creating an interactive score for Patterna – now available on Steam; and with audiovisual collective Video Jam to create and perform a live soundtrack to Stephen Broomer’s Brébeuf.

Presently, Alex lives in Liverpool where he works on ongoing commissions, offers private guitar and live performance tuition to students of all ages, and writes/performs with instrumental rock trio Neverbody.

Other past projects include:

– Jazz Rock quintet Glossom, who released 3 EPs and 1 album – came to an end in 2017.

Caught on The Wire, a 60 episode podcast analysis of HBO show The Wire – presented and produced alongside Toby Huntingford between 2014-16.

– Trip-hop/dark ambient group Venusian, played bass guitar and helped record and produce their first full length album Ancestor – currently still active.