I had the pleasure of joining erudite podcaster and good friend of mine Tom Kwei on the most recent episode of Alphabetallica – an alphabetical journey through the entire catalogue of metal monsters Metallica. I love podcasts and analysing music, and we had great fun together discussing the track ‘Mistress Dread’ from the 2011 album […]

Have a listen to my latest track ‘Omni’, created using Spitfire’s new LABS range of virtual instruments. I think it’s both inspiring and very generous of Spitfire to release these high quality tools for free and I’ve written an appraisal of the instruments I used in this track below. It can be expensive business this […]

Welcome! The new site is now live, with a general emphasis on simplification compared to the old one and a new site-wide player that has some examples of my previous work. Please contact me if something seems broken! I have been somewhat away from doing soundtracks this year as my time has been mostly spent […]

I have been playing bass with experimental/trip hop outfit Venusian for over 18 months now and last Friday we released out first album as our current set up (but the fourth under the Venusian name). ‘Ancestor’ dropped on Friday the 13th April – as seems befitting of an act so steeped in gloom and apocalyptic […]

My new band Neverbody has just put our first EP on Bandcamp, it’s 3 tracks of instrumental guitar music with leanings towards math rock, classic prog, and post-rock. Have a stream below and please consider downloading supporting us if you like what you hear! Recorded and mixed by yours truly, with much credit to Tom […]

Hello again, it has been a while since I posted on the blog, hasn’t it? I tend to just get on with things and the thought of posting updates on blogs and social media comes to me after the fact. One of my resolutions for this year was to get better at that…better late than […]

I’m currently in the midst of one of those frustrating but exciting passages of time – one in which lots has been happening but it’s not yet all ready for presentation – and my knack for taking on more projects than is wise reaches critical mass as summer arrives, and my music students go on […]

I’ve been doing a fair bit of writing recently, but not much in the way of uploading. Unless it’s for  a commission or particular project, I tend to create a few pieces – either on the guitar, just on the computer, or mixing live and virtual instruments – and let them stew for some time to […]